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  • Out of Love


    By: Iris Mell. In January 2012 I met CCO and participated in my first faith study, Discovery. Discovery unveiled God personal and proven love for me and at the end I invited Him to be at the center of my life. I was amazed that it was so simple to know Him. I soon wanted to spread this message to everyone around me. I wanted to help people meet and know Jesus the way I did. In the summer 2013, the idea of joining CCO staff crossed my mind. As a political science student, it came in the words: “Why not become a diplomat for God’s Kingdom?” I knew I...

  • The Erics Revealed as Superheroes


    by Elizabeth Krump When people ask me what it’s like to work for the Erics, they often lean in as if expecting stories of vigilantes saving the world. The Erics are legendary. Eric Chow is the eternally youthful Regional Director in the West. Eric Myatt is the tall, bearded, Viking Director in the East. Can you say Wolverine and Thor? Well, maybe Wolverine with less facial hair. Thor, definitely. The stories that surround the Erics are often larger-than-life, sometimes making them appear to be superheroes. After all, they fly a lot, are sighted infrequently, and, by sharing Christ with the world, have made a heartfelt commitment to work for the...

  • The Joyful Compass


     By: Mark Suezo. My parents are hardworking people and have done so much to ensure that my brother and sister and I were provided for our whole life. I am very proud of what they have accomplished. I was raised with the philosophy that as their son, I would go to school, get a successful career and make enough money to  support my family and my parents in their old age. My idea of a fulfilling life meant a successful career, a family, a comfortable life filled with vacations, cars and a big home and making sure my loved ones were proud of me. So, at the age of 20,...

Missionary Highlight

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Alana Heit

One of my greatest joys is being able to witness others come to know Jesus Christ in a personal way. I was able to witness this while leading a discovery study for a group of girls that I go to...

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Annie Flaherty

This past year, my housemate Colleen Dugan, who has been away from her faith for a number of years, agreed to take the CCO Discovery faith study. She has since told me that the study has changed her life, the...

Minerva at National Staff Gathering 2012

Minerva Macapagal

What I love about being a campus missionary is the opportunity I have to see, firsthand, lives being changed. Most of my stories that love to share are about the students I work with. This year I met a first-year...

Articles from CCO's, Grapevine Newsletter

CCO invites youth to relationship with Christ

This relationship with Jesus Christ is what people are seeking in their lives. Awareness of this inspires CCO to do what is necessary to reach as many people as possible with the Gospel. This message includes the truth of the relationship that God wants to have with us.

Annual dinner brings hope and humour to Kingston

The Saint John Fisher Dinner is named in honour of a great man of letters for his courageous defence of marriage and his martyrdom under Henry VIII. The dinner supports the work of our Newman House Catholic chaplaincy at Queen’s University and the missionaries of Catholic Christian Outreach who are an essential part of our mission...”

Archdiocese ends search for evangelization tools

At Catholic Christian Outreach, we work primarily with university students. It is not uncommon for people to ask us, “What about everyone else? Why don’t you run faith studies at parishes as well?” Two years ago, Kyle Neilson, the director of the Office of Evangelization in the Archdiocese of Vancouver, entered this discussion with exciting results...

‘I can’t believe you caught that moment’

Rob Scott is a young Catholic man who happens to be a tattoo artist. He wears a leather jacket, has a full beard, and talks openly about his love for Jesus and Eucharistic Adoration. He spent the summer in Victoria, B.C., on CCO’s Impact mission, participating in outreach activities with 26 other young adults.

Standing for Christ

An incredible opportunity faced me during last year’s CCO fall retreat: a summer mission. The words “Africa” and “mission” stirred something new inside my heart that I could not explain. I started to consider the possibility of entering into this adventure.