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Catholic Christian Outreach (CCO) is a university student movement dedicated to evangelization. We challenge students to live in the fullness of the Catholic faith with a strong emphasis on becoming leaders in the renewal of the world. CCO was founded by André and Angèle Regnier in 1988 at the University of Saskatchewan. From the humble beginnings of a handful of students, the movement now serves thousands of students across Canada.

Currently, CCO missionary teams are present on 12 university campuses across Canada. Teams of full-time missionaries lead on-campus outreach. Students are invited into deeper conversion that is rooted in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Our campus missionaries are committed to discipleship, leading students to grow in holiness and to engage in mission. We believe that every student involved in CCO can be a leader. We challenge them to take missionary initiative.

CCO produces materials which can equip anybody in evangelization. The Ultimate Relationship booklet provides a tool to share the Gospel message. It has been printed in nine languages and over 20,000 have been distributed in the past year. The CCO Faith Study series simply and clearly explains the truths of the faith. They practically outline important principles for Catholic living. Each lesson integrates Scripture and Church teachings in small group discussions. There are five levels of studies: Discovery, Source, Growth, Obedience and Commission. For more info

Nationally, CCO hosts Rise Up, an annual conference for young adults, gathering hundreds of young adults in a different Canadian city each year. Rise Up is more than a conference. It exists to motivate and inspire leaders for the renewal of the world. For more info or to register for the conference

CCO leads a variety of missions, both domestic and international, where students are able to put their evangelization and leadership skills into practice. For more info or to apply for a mission

Behind every CCO missionary is a team of supporters. The generosity of these individuals makes this all possible. Each supporter is an integral part of the CCO mission. The pillars of support are: finance, prayer, and promotion (word-of-mouth).

My turning point was when I began going to a CCO faith study. The people I met through CCO were loving, caring, and happy, and I saw that they were that way because of prayer, scripture, and having Christ at the centre of their lives. Through experiencing people my age practicing their faith in an authentic way, I knew it was something I wanted to pursue. Suzanne, CCO Student

“After an unhealthy two and half year relationship in high school I felt empty, yet I didn’t miss the relationship. At a CCO event, in front of the Blessed Sacrament I realised that I was missing God’s love. I went to Confession for the first time in 4 years. Now I want to use his love to reach others, just like people in CCO reached out to me.” Erin, CCO Student

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CCO Blog

  • Mission Team Surprised by God


    There’s just no preparing for what God will do on a mission trip. Preparation is important, and the thorough packing lists, vaccinations and travel visas are key. But it’s the unexpected moments that can become the mission highlights. Mission team member Maria Arsenault recalls a baffling situation brought on by traditional garments. After their local teammates saw them struggling, “the ladies were laughing at our attempts to put the saris on, and came over to help us.” Just another mission highlight that wasn’t found on the packing list. The team served in various regions of India, eager to partner with members of Jesus Youth. This is an international Catholic group,...

  • Local Faithful Join CCO in Evangelization


    We met Bob Mitchell when he volunteered for the Impact Mission in Vancouver this summer [2015]. He has been a member of St. Andrew’s Parish for 41 years, Bob is a big believer in the Discovery Faith Study. We asked him to tell us about it and to share his experience as a Catholic who returned to the faith as an adult. I was away from the Church for many years of my life. When I came back in my early 30s, my faith began to grow. I also became involved in some ministries, including RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults.) But there was one Beatitude that always bothered...

  • Mexico Mission Acts with Mercy


    Sixteen students and CCO staff escaped the frigid Canadian winter to sunny Mexico City last February. This was no beach trip. For these young missionaries, this was a chance to unite the Gospel message with corporal acts of mercy. Craig Johring, an inspiring Catholic missionary who has been living in Mexico for eight years, was their guide. He took the group to visit impoverished areas where they worked with abandoned women, school kids, and homeless youth. Throughout the week, the team distributed over 1000 Ultimate Relationship (UR) booklets, CCO’s evangelistic tool. The missionaries stayed near the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe, one of the largest Marian shrines in the...

Missionary Highlight

Missionary Highlight


Michael Trolly

What I'm most excited to share with people about CCO is what I've witnessed in the lives of students attending CCO events, such as The Summit or our Rise Up conference. What struck me most was seeing students lined up...


John Hickey

My highlight of my career as a CCO missionary was leading the Impact 2012 mission in Halifax. Through that mission, the Lord brought me into a new confidence in Him that I've never experienced before. I also was blown away...


Joseph Murphy

While this is only the beginning, I have received many consolations in my call to staff. One particular Bible verse that continues to strike me and reminds me of my mission is from the First Letter of St. Paul to...

Articles from CCO's, Grapevine Newsletter

CCO offers itself as gift to the Church

We have always seen our organization as a gift to help the wider Church. The intention behind our vision, methods and materials has always been to benefit the whole Church, and that intention motivates us to attend events such as Eucharistic Congresses or World Youth Days. This is also why we have translated our ministry materials into 11 languages.

Living and sharing our faith

I fell in love with my husband over a cup of hot chocolate. Ten years ago, we were on a ferry to P.E.I. As members of CCO’s mission to World Youth Day in Cologne, Germany, we were going to a team-building session. I hadn’t known Ben for long when he bought me a hot chocolate...”

Going anywhere, from coast to coast

One of CCO’s campus missionaries told me his secret to getting up each morning to pray. He would awaken to his alarm and an all-too-familiar desire to hit the snooze button and roll over. But, instead of that, he trained himself to say, “I will go anywhere you want me to go.”

Local faithful join CCO in evangelization

Discovery changed my whole life. What I have found in Discovery is the mercy of God and who God truly is. I learned God wasn’t interested in my past, but rather in the person I can become. And through the mercy of God, I have learned to grow in my faith.

CCO gives free Bibles to thousands of students

In the spring of 2014, CCO partnered with the Canadian Bible Society (CBS) to bring the Gospel to students across Canada in a very tangible way—by giving away 2,000 bibles...