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Missionary Highlight

nicolegermaine2012 (1200x674)

Nicole Germaine

Serving on CCO's summer mission project Impact! Halifax 2012 has been the highlight of my ministry with CCO so far. I saw so many young people deepen their relationship with Christ and grow in their hearts for evangelization. It was...

Scott Roy

Scott Roy

Working for headquarters has been an entirely different experience than working on campus, which I had done for my first 4 years with CCO. It is rewarding fuelling the campus staff with tools to further their work. In my first...

Rob at the National Staff Gathering 2012

Rob Koechl

A highlight of being a missionary, and working on campus, is a time I was able to help a student at Queen's become Catholic. I led him through R.C.I.A. and was his sponsor when he was baptized. It was an...

Articles from CCO's, Grapevine Newsletter

A Reflection from the Founder

For 25 years it has been clear that the purpose of CCO is the Gospel; to proclaim Jesus as clearly and as simply as possible, so that the hearer would be able to understand and respond. Over the last quarter-century there have been many occasions...

Rock & Roll in Rio

After George Worthen found out he’d be playing with Matt Maher at multiple venues for World Youth Day 2013 in Rio de Janeiro, his head was spinning. “I was on a top bunk with only about 1.5 feet of headroom when I found out I’d be playing with Matt Maher, and I was so excited when I got his email that I jumped up and smoked my face on the roof,” he said. “It was pretty bad and I was sore for the rest of the day.”

Thank You Lord for Life

“Thank you Lord for life!” This is a common opening for prayers from Catholic Ugandan students, according to CCO staffer Ben Turland. Turland was part of a CCO delegation that headed to Uganda to help with continuing efforts to train students in evangelization and leadership development.

CCO Moms Know Best

When CCO Founder André Regnier started coming home from the University of Saskatchewan with a bible tucked under his arm, his four siblings knew they had two choices: talk to André about God, or run.

Back to the Future

It will be hard to miss Joël Denis (pronounced Jo-ël Den-ee) at Simon Fraser University this fall. Joël made a name for himself at the CCO National Staff Gathering in Ottawa this August for his retro style, and says he is easing SFU students into his printed shirts as well as the Gospel. “Over the last couple of years Value Village’s polyester shirts have been slim pickings,” jokes Denis. “I think I’m having an effect.”