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Catholic Christian Outreach (CCO) is a university student movement dedicated to evangelization. We challenge students to live in the fullness of the Catholic faith with a strong emphasis on becoming leaders in the renewal of the world. CCO was founded by André and Angèle Regnier in 1988 at the University of Saskatchewan. From the humble beginnings of a handful of students, the movement now serves thousands of students across Canada.

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CCO Blog

  • The Power of a Story

    CCO Blog - Taylor Story

    By Taylor Hyatt Last October 15th, Canada’s Supreme Court heard arguments for the Carter v. Canada assisted suicide case. The judges recommended that any adult with a “grievous and irremediable” health condition causing “enduring and intolerable suffering” should be able to end their life with the help of a physician. This includes illnesses that are not terminal. This includes physical disabilities like my own. I was born with spastic diplegic cerebral palsy, which has impaired the mobility and stamina of my legs. Various media outlets interviewed me following the Supreme Court’s ruling, giving me the chance to share my experiences, and my belief that this ruling will warp society’s view...

  • Being a CCO Missionary: What I Really Think about Support Raising

    CCO BLOG Support Raising

    By Eric Chow   “So when are you going to find a REAL job?”   This was one of the questions asked of me soon after signing up to work as a missionary with CCO in 2004. I was just starting to build my financial support team.   Caught off guard I said, “Well I’m planning to work for CCO for the next three years then I’ll see.”   11 Years later I’m still working for CCO.   Throughout the years the following questions have also come up: “So do you have a real job on the side?” “When do you plan to use your engineering degree?” “How long do...

  • My Daily Negotiation with Myself

    CCO blog Negotiation

    By Eric Chow Every morning l try to be a helpful husband by taking my 4-year-old daughter Eva to school. Otherwise my wife Vanessa would have to take all the kids. This means loading and unloading four little ones into a van, first at home, then at school, then again at home. This is no simple task- it’s an event! It’s much easier for me to just take Eva to school on my way to work. And, if the morning routine is going well, we can make it to daily mass (a highlight for me, especially with my little girl!). School starts at 8:40 am and l am able to...

Missionary Highlight

Missionary Highlight

Tesi Carmona Wagner (1200x675)

Tesi Carmona Wagner

I have personally seen the healing power of our Lord's Love and Mercy, particularly in a friend I ministered to. She was so broken, with a background of depression and sin. After many conversations, she opened up to me about...


Vicki McEachern

Managing CCO's social media presence through Rise Up 2014 was powerful. As we posted updates and photos throughout the conference, the feedback and engagement was incredible. Add to that all of the familiar faces and sights of my hometown of...

IMG_9346 (1200x674)

Amanda Roughton

The biggest highlight so far of my role in M&C would have to have been Rise Up Calgary 2014. I witnessed over 600 students go up for personal prayer and be open to going out to share the Ultimate Relationship...

Articles from CCO's, Grapevine Newsletter

CCO offers itself as gift to the Church

We have always seen our organization as a gift to help the wider Church. The intention behind our vision, methods and materials has always been to benefit the whole Church, and that intention motivates us to attend events such as Eucharistic Congresses or World Youth Days. This is also why we have translated our ministry materials into 11 languages.

Living and sharing our faith

I fell in love with my husband over a cup of hot chocolate. Ten years ago, we were on a ferry to P.E.I. As members of CCO’s mission to World Youth Day in Cologne, Germany, we were going to a team-building session. I hadn’t known Ben for long when he bought me a hot chocolate...”

Going anywhere, from coast to coast

One of CCO’s campus missionaries told me his secret to getting up each morning to pray. He would awaken to his alarm and an all-too-familiar desire to hit the snooze button and roll over. But, instead of that, he trained himself to say, “I will go anywhere you want me to go.”

Local faithful join CCO in evangelization

Discovery changed my whole life. What I have found in Discovery is the mercy of God and who God truly is. I learned God wasn’t interested in my past, but rather in the person I can become. And through the mercy of God, I have learned to grow in my faith.

CCO gives free Bibles to thousands of students

In the spring of 2014, CCO partnered with the Canadian Bible Society (CBS) to bring the Gospel to students across Canada in a very tangible way—by giving away 2,000 bibles...